Moon Pussy


Moon Pussy is a loud, noise-rock band piloted by Cristina Cuellar (Vocals, Bass), Ethan Hahn (Guitar), and Cory Hager (Drums) blasting through 4-dimensional space. Their sonic spaceship is a finely tuned machine pieced together from up-cycled materials and well lubricated by cheap beer and indigestion. Their own unique sounds have been refined over the years, usually in detriment of their profession careers, through a consistent digging in of their heels on bad ideas. Originating from humble beginnings with a focus on contributing to local non-profits through a music medium and an extensive guerilla marketing campaign, Ethan (Kaboom, Tank Tank, Handbrake), Cory (Drink to Victory, Douche, Last Men, NFU) and Cristina (Fetish Eyes) are now looking to expand their experience to the great unknown.

To date, Moon Pussy has tried to answer the continued question “Why are you buying more gear?” by producing one 14-track album (Recorded @ Infinite Ohm Studios, Mastered by Matthew Barnhart of Chicago Mastering SVC) and are currently working on a second. Additional tracks have been contributed to compilations for Grackle Records, Birdy Magazine, and Glasss Records.

Festivals Played: Wash-Out Fest (Colorado), No Coast Fest (Texas)